About US

The IICRAI is a non-profit association (law of 1901) existing since 2014. The members of the association are passionate about the security of computer systems and want to understand the trend of IT Threat. IICRAI share information with members and not members when IT Threat is identified.

The first research about IT Threat with IICRAI was created previously in 2004 in South France.

We using Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) for classified all communications and encryption all emails/files. See web site about TLP.

IICRAI allows its members to monitor their public infrastructures . An incident response team was formed to support the association members with a security alert on their IT infrastructure. The CSIRT of IICRAI following RFC-2350 and SIM3 maturity evaluation.

Only Up-to-date members of the membership will be using IICRAI’s community services.